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NW Network Delivery Plan

In order to determine the focus and priorities of the North West SEND Regional Network, the steering group consult with all 23 North West Local Authorities and Parent Carer Forums in March each year to secure the priorities across the NW SEND Regional Network partnerships.

We specifically wanted to know each areas strengths, challenges and development opportunities and to gather feedback around development needs to inform our event planning for the coming year.

Feedback is then collated into our North West SEND Regional Network Delivery Plan  which you can find below.

As the plan is a working document, it is revised and updated as the network develops and therefore version control is applied to the document to ensure we can track any changes or additions that we make.

The latest available version is shown in Green along with the date of issue, however previous versions are also available using the Blue buttons below:

If you have any questions, concerns or comments to inform the delivery plan, then please get in touch using the Contact Us page.

Current Development / Delivery Plan:

Archived Delivery Plans:

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