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Liverpool’s Local offer accessibility project

Feedback from service users about the Local Offer told us that there was too much narrative on the Local Offer and that it was difficult for some parents and carers and children and young people to access the information easily. The LA, therefore, set out to explore ways in which the Local Offer could be made more accessible and researched examples across the country. Once the scoping exercise was complete, it embarked on commissioning an outside organisation, with experience of working with hard to reach groups of children and young people, to develop an App using a cross platform web based framework to make parts of the Local Offer more accessible to children and young people with SEND. In addition, it set out to develop an animated version of some of the complex processes and service descriptions currently in text format in the Local Offer, ensuring greater accessibility of information to visual and non-visual learners.

To read the full case study click the document link below

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