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Residential special schools and colleges: a call for evidence

Dame Christine Lenehan invites evidence about:

  • the characteristics of children and young people in residential special schools and colleges

  • how and why they come to be placed in this provision

  • how they’re supported both pre- and post-placement

  • how we can improve experiences and outcomes for them and their families

Closing date: 17th March 2017

High needs national funding formula: stage 2

DfE are introducing a national funding formula to make funding fair for local areas, children and young people. This consultations seeks views on the detailed design of the formula, building on the earlier consultation on the principles and structure.

The executive summary outlines the proposals and the effect on LAs, and the consultation document explains these in detail. The effect on each area is shown in full in the impact tables.

The equality impact assessment considers how the proposals relate to the 8 protected characteristics identified by the Equality Act 2010.]

Closing date: 22nd Mar 2017

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