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Recently Published Reports - January 2018

Early language development: Needs, provision, and intervention for preschool children from socio-economically disadvantage backgrounds

This report commissioned by the Education Endowment Fund in partnership with Public Health England (PHE) examines the most effective ways to support young children with delays in their early language development. For more information visit: al.pdf

Off the Radar This report sheds light on the myriad challenges facing children and families, particularly those with multiple disadvantages

On-line mental health support for young people Online counselling has the potential to revolutionise the way in which we provide support to children and young people. It opens up access out of traditional working hours and allows teenagers to contact counsellors from their own home. Online forums and advice also empower young people by helping them to learn more about the problems they are facing and facilitating the sharing of experiences with others going through the same difficulties. This report provides a unique insight into current literature on online counselling as well as data from online counselling service, Kooth. It shines a light on what makes online counselling different to face-to-face services. The report provides valuable evidence on this exciting new way of providing support to children and young people. For example, it demonstrates how young people value the anonymity and control it provides. It also sets out key challenges, such as how to include this new provision in data collection to recognise the potential it has to increase access. Finally, the report sets out where further research is needed to build an evidence base to demonstrate the impact of online counselling provision.

Special educational needs: Support in England

This House of Commons Library briefing sets out the system of support for children and young people in England aged 0-25 with special educational needs (SEN). The briefing provides an overview of the new system introduced in 2014, the transitional arrangements, and how the new system differs from that which preceded it. It also includes a brief history of the movement towards reform that preceded the 2014 changes, and information on the impact of the new system available to date. Reports on the National Award for SEN Co-ordination A project to support the National Award for SEN Co-ordination and review the SEN Co-ordination role in the early years and post 16 sectors Achievement for All was funded by the Department for Education in 2016-17. The project focused on the National Award for SEN Co-ordination (NASENCO). The project had three strands and resulted in three reports: • Evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the NASENCO • Review the SEN co-ordination function in the early years and further education settings with recommendations for the NASENCO • Review of the NASENCO Provider Group's Quality Assurance Processes

The reports are available to read and download at:

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