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Profiling Practice in the North West - Cheshire East - May 2018

Cheshire East Council has recently launched a SEND Youth Forum in the North and South of the Borough aimed at promoting the voice of SEND children and young people. Already young people have begun to develop a training package for professionals from the perspective of a young person on how to deal with/work with young people that have additional needs and/or ill mental health. In the future participants will become a key part of positive change within the Local Authority, giving views and ideas about preparing for adulthood, EHCPs and working with priority leads in the Children and Young People’s Trust Board to help review and amend the Children and Young People’s Plan ready for relaunch in 2019. Additionally, the Participation team are delivering a series of training events to employees that work with SEND children and young people ensuring coproduction principles and participation is embedding across the local authority.

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