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The government has announced the launch of a crosscutting review of SEND. Five years on from the Children and Families Act, the review will look at the how the system has evolved since then, how it can be made to work best for all families and ensure quality of provision is the same across the country. Recognising the importance of joined-up support, it will also explore the role of health care in SEND in collaboration with the Department of Health and Social Care. The review will consider:

• the evidence on how the system can provide the highest quality support that enables children and young people with SEND to thrive and prepare for adulthood, including employment;

• how to better help parents to make decisions about what kind of support will be best for their child;

• how to make sure support in different local areas is consistent and joined up across health, care and education services, as well as ensuring that high-quality health and education support is available across the country;

• how we strike the right balance between state-funded provision across inclusive mainstream and specialist places;

• how we align incentives and accountability for schools, colleges and local authorities to make sure they provide the best possible support for children and young people with SEND;

• what is behind the rise in education, health and care (EHC) plans and the role of specific health conditions in driving demand; and

• how we ensure that public money is spent in an efficient, effective and sustainable manner, placing a premium on securing high quality outcomes for those children and young people who need additional support the most.

It will conclude with action to boost outcomes and improve value for money, so that vulnerable children have the same opportunities to succeed, as well as improving capacity and support for families across England. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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